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Studio Y Creative believes in conscious gifting. They aim to create beautiful, innovative and ethical products that lessen the impact on our beautiful world. Recognising how words can really make someone’s day, Studio Y Creative brought together a love for doodling, a need for cards that suit everyday occasions, and a love of flowers to create a range of specially designed seeded cards. Sometimes it’s hard to put in words just how special someone is - these seeded cards go further by letting your words bloom into a beautiful flower.

Their seeded paper is a labour of love. Each piece is hand-crafted and made using only recycled paper. Recycled paper is collected from local organisations, businesses and schools. It is then shredded and mixed into a pulp, where seeds are added. To create sheets, paper making frames are dipped into the pulp mixture, where they are then dried and flattened. We are so proud to offer our customers the beautiful cards by Studio Y Creative.



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